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GRAND RE-OPENING ~September 2020

We are excited to bring you our revised and updated website Antique Black Dolls & Things! Bill and I still have so much more to post here on our newly re-designed website, but we could not wait any longer to share our things with you. We want your comments, suggestions, and encouragement to help us deliver a resource that ultimately adds to your knowledge of Black History.  

Today represents the beginning of so many new adventures. We have an Instagram account for sneak peeks of new things. I want to share my fabulous dolls on my Facebook page Black Dolls From the Past. We will be launching Antique Black Things on Facebook next week. And of course, we are busy re-homing our inventory through our eBay store Antique Black thing. Our user name is Flowers, and we have been selling on eBay since 1997. You can buy the things in the store on the link above. If you are not interested in buying, please check out my blogs.

Antique Black Dolls & Things is committed to the preservation of Black dolls, art, memorabilia, and historical things. We focus on the representation of people of color in the past and present society. We never alter, repair or replace any of the features on our items as we like to leave them in the original condition for our collectors to make those decisions. Our goal is to re-homing items that allow you to build collections that emphases your interest in Black history.

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Antique Black Things. We welcome questions, comments, recommendations and support through our email address

Thank you for visiting and supporting our objectives to preserve Black Dolls, Black Memorabilia, Black Art, Black History and Black Things.

Will & Bev Flowers


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