Black Dolls

Why I still collect Black dolls

My collection represents black people.  All my out of the box played with, admired dolls can be linked back to a historical period in Black history. I have dolls representing how Americans viewed people of color and Dolls that represent the beauty that Europeans saw in Black people. I love a doll that looks played with, handmade clothes, and maybe,  made by a woman for her a child.  

As a grown woman, I’m a temporary curator for the dolls. I protect them for a while, re-home them through selling and trading. It hurts to part with any piece of my history, but to grow, I have to say goodbye I enjoy seeing American history through the African American artifacts that remain.  Dolls reveal how society impacted people of color. Curating is my pleasure.  

Dolls have allowed me to meet incredible people and go to cool places. I am retiring soon and can share my knowledge of Black history as captured in art, on paper, and through dolls. Please follow us in this new adventure and share your thoughts at


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