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Black Memorabilia

Memorabilia are items that had a function. People may choose to keep the things as a remembrance or for their future value. Also, memorabilia solidify a perception of an event or a person, which could be positive or harmful. White memorabilia breaks down into ethnic groups, such as Italian, Irish, or Polish ancestry. Black memorabilia refer…

Black Art

Black art is busting out all over Zoom. Art makes a home office and replaces your brick and motor diplomas and family pictures. Talking Heads, teachers, YouTube influencers, all know that art makes a statement about who they are. The beauty of an art base home office is in its flexibility to set a mood or make…

Black Dolls

Why I still collect Black dolls My collection represents black people.  All my out of the box played with, admired dolls can be linked back to a historical period in Black history. I have dolls representing how Americans viewed people of color and Dolls that represent the beauty that Europeans saw in Black people. I…

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